It's time to make your roofing business WORK FOR YOU.
Fix your profit leaks

As roofers we fix leaks, but what about our own leaks? Stop losing money on call-backs, haggling clients, wasted trips, and wasted supplies.

Stop wasting time

No need to enter the same information into a system multiple times. No need to lose time on brainless chores. Delegate those to Roof Chief — and put your hours to better use.

Make better decisions

When you're not fighting fires every minute, you can focus on larger goals, like growing the business or closing more sales. You need to be in the driver's seat.

Not just roofing software, but
a complete system to help your entire business
Run your business — and stay on top of each job —
anywhere you go
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Take care of tomorrow
by focusing on what matters most today
Get organized once and for all

All your products, all your services. Your contracts, your language. Roof Chief is customizable and works the way you work.

Win the jobs that you're losing now

Roof Chief will help you "up your game." You will look more professional because you will be more professional. People will notice — and your business will benefit accordingly.

Not for clueless roofers

Roof Chief was designed by a successful roofing contractor, specifically for roofing contractors. Roof Chief can't help knuckleheads who don't know the trade, but it will help make a good contractor profitable and happy.

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What are Roof Chief users saying?

"Roof Chief has opened our eyes. We are now able to know our profit before, during, and after our jobs. It's all easy — and now it's just part of what we do." –Amanda W., Ohio

"I've been in the business for twenty-five years. Roof Chief is my 'new toy' — it helps me across the board with the business. It's easy for this 'old timer' to use." –Scott, Moorpark, CA

"It's easy for me to see all my products and services. They're all nicely and neatly organized now, thanks to Roof Chief. I can focus on running a better business." –Shane, Johnson Design and Construction

"This thing is awesome. I can price jobs much, much faster with it. I can knock out three pretty complicated bids in about fifteen minutes." –Matt, California

"Totally easy way to get a list of needed items to the supplier. Easy to get crews going. I approve." –Martin S. (production manager), GreatWay Roofing

Our mission:
Improving your business today . . . and into the future
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It's not just software
Roof Chief is successful only when you are successful
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Roof Chief is not just software — it is a complete system for running your roofing business at its highest potential. Our service is not just computer-based, but people-based. We want to help you get going on Roof Chief as quickly and easily as possible -- and we are here to support you along the way. Read more about our approach by clicking the headings below.

The current economy is no walk in the park — everybody’s feeling the squeeze. We want the roofing industry to thrive and for skilled, dedicated contractors to reap the rewards of their hard work. We want to shake up the roofing industry by increasing roofers’ professionalism and profits across the board.
We pride ourselves on being trustworthy and professional. If you have any questions when using Roof Chief, you can contact our knowledgeable staff for answers. We’re not somewhere out of the country. We’re right here in the U.S.A. Further, we take care of your data and use all current technologies to protect it, including TRUSTe, Norton Secured (powered by Verisign), and McAfee Secure. Roof Chief also uses solid, stable servers.
When you use Roof Chief, you can work your way. You don’t have to completely change your usual estimating style and practices to make the software work. Also, the software is customizable, so if you say “eave flashing” instead of “drip edge,” so will the Chief. If you don’t say “dead valley” but “hog valley” instead, your Chief will, too. Or if you want to start every single job estimate off with a bucket of Mastic — the Chief will handle it for you.
If our software doesn't help you, you should not pay us anything. If it doesn't save you time, if it doesn't increase your sales, if it doesn't create a higher margin for you, then it's not worth it. Bottom line is this: Your money is no good here until we can help you out. Until we've earned it.
Want to make an impact
in your business with Roof Chief?

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In Detail
What Roof Chief Can Do

This website is meant to give you an overview of Roof Chief -- and its workings and mission. This section, though, provides a more in-depth, nuts and bolts description of what Roof Chief can do.

Efficient page designed for both residential and commercial
clients — and multiple projects

  • Access all your clients' key information and jump to different stages of the job.
  • Quickly search for clients by name, address, phone number.
  • Sort by customer type, lead source, job stage, salesman and more.
  • Quickly capture key information for better business decisions.
  • Access correspondence and email directly from Roof Chief.

Enter field measurements and details. Flexible to
handle unique details and other job-related variables

  • Quick and simple for straightforward roofs. No wasting time entering irrelevant info.
  • Powerful and accurate for more complex jobs.
  • Customizable details and measurements for both commercial and residential work.
  • Measurements automatically generate material list, labor, and dump fees.

Select your product. Quantity and rate are already calculated for labor, material and dump fees.

  • Save time with quantity and rates already calculated for all products.
  • Use easy On and Off buttons to select needed product.
  • Real-time recap of material and labor as product list is updated.
  • Edit pricing and quantity and add “odd-ball” items.
  • Ability to have items start as “on.”
  • Ability to round up or calculate product exactly.
  • Group products in a clean catalog tree in your preferred view.

Price jobs for profit — ensuring that all job costs have been accounted for

  • Quickly determine a sales price based upon your recommended Gross Profit Margin.
  • Easily duplicate an estimate, making needed modifications to create options for clients.
  • View side by side multiple options and present Good-Better-Best options.
  • Recap of all Cost of Goods Sold and verify for accuracy.

Choose from a list of custom contract templates to quickly generate a proposal.

  • Contacts can either be edited and either printed or emailed directly from within Roof Chief, saving time while still putting forth a professional image.
  • Data like name, address, special notes, and pricing are merged into the contract saving time and reducing typing.
  • Customize Special Notes by adding exclusions or “attention to detail” notes in the contract. This creates a professional image while also covering yourself.
  • This is quick and easy via a drop down men --u and saves time by not having to type same items over and over. Can also be used for add-on items that are not included in the base price.

Access all the key information needed to produce the job on budget — and while generating a satisfied customer

  • Seamless transition from Estimating to Production. Eliminate wasted trips.
  • Access job photos and other key documents and forms from the production hub.
  • Add key dates, product color selections, and production notes to easily produce a job.
  • Be able to distinguish “backlog” from “in-progress” and “work produced.”

At a glance, view all the material needed to produce the job

  • Using drag and drop, easily order material and adjust quantities for left over material in the shop and different suppliers.
  • An email along with delivery dates, times, and notes can be sent directly to the supplier.

Price change orders and create a separate material list

  • Create Changes Orders and have the information transfer over to the job close-out, saving time and ensuring accurate billing

Close out the job, make sure you made a profit, and thank the customer for the business.

  • Create invoices to print or email to the customer
  • Financial overview that includes a place for customer payments
  • Enter receipts and labor to compare estimated vs. actual differences, gross margin, and identify costs that are “off.”

Our dashboard reports help you see the most important aspects of your business at a glance. You'll see what is working -- and where you need to improve.

  • Leads
  • Leads by Source
  • Leads by Customer Type
  • Current Status of leads/Closing Ratio
  • Prospects
  • Total Outstanding prospects by sales amount
  • Sales
  • Total Sales and Gross Margin
  • Total Sales by Customer Type
  • Production
  • Backlog Report
  • In Progress Report
  • Total Billings and Margin Report

Attach job site photos, aerial image reports, diagrams and more from your desktop or smart phone

  • Centralize key information saving time searching for important docs and pictures.
  • Accessible anywhere.
  • Improve communication.
  • Save time by uploading direct from smart phone.


Plans & Pricing

Roof Chief is all meant to put more money in your pocket and help you do
what you do.

We have developed pricing options that will best meet the needs of our contractors. We are so confident that you will quickly view Roof Chief as a vital component to your company's ongoing success that we are offering a 60-day, money-back guarantee when you sign up with us. We require no long-term contracts.

We want to make the entire process easy for you. Contact us today by clicking on a button below to learn more about how Roof Chief can take your roofing company to the next level of profitability.

Roof Chief
$199per month
  • Up to 3 Users*

  • Customer Information

    »  All key Information in one place

    »  Email alerts, proposals, correspondence, reports, and more

  • Job Site Pictures, Documents &
    Job Photo Templates

    »  Upload and store photos and documents

    »  Easily add comments to communicate with your customers & crew(s)

  • Quick Price Estimates

    »  Square / Par-Pricing with profit in mind

  • Material List, Work Orders,
    Job Site Instructions

    »  Streamline company operations

    »  Coordinate the installation process with suppliers, staff, and crew

  • Roof Chief Calendar

    »  Schedule all projects and appointments

    »  Access job-related information anywhere







Roof Chief
$599per month
  • Up to 10 users*

  • Customer Information

    »  All key Information in one place

    »  Email alerts, proposals, correspondence, reports, and more

  • Job Site Pictures, Documents &
    Job Photo Templates

    »  Upload and store photos and documents

    »  Easily add comments to communicate with your customers & crew(s)

  • Quick Price Estimates

    »  Square / Par-Pricing with profit in mind

  • Material List, Work Orders,
    Job Site Instructions

    »  Streamline company operations

    »  Coordinate the installation process with suppliers, staff, and crew

  • Roof Chief Calendar

    »  Schedule all projects and appointments

    »  Access job-related information anywhere

  • Profit-Based Estimating

    »  Know your profit
    before you make the sale

  • Financial Reports &
    QuickBooks® Integration

    »  Weekly job profit reports

    »  Integration and syncing with QuickBooks®

  • Customized Questions and Checklist

    »  Increase efficiencies and
    automate operations

  • Full Customization of All Products & Services

    »  Estimate all offerings in one program
    (Residential, Commercial, Siding, Gutters, and more)

  • Onsite Training and System Integration

    »  Set-up and training based
    on your needs
    (A one-time set-up charge applies.)

Typical set-up fees range from $400 to $1,500 based on the needs of your business.
We will determine that number together during our first call.

*Additional users can be added to any plan for $25 per user.

Consulting for Marketing, Sales, Operations, Accounting & Finance also available.

Save 10% by requesting yearly billing.

Questions? Let us know. Contact us or set up a time to talk.


Your Name:
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$ per month

Tax per month
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All discounts will be calculated before payment is charged.

The guys behind Roof Chief
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Rod Menzel

In 1999, a year after his first son was born, Rod left an executive position at a banking corporation to start GreatWay Roofing. The irony about the switch is that he used his degree in Finance more at GreatWay than he ever did at the bank.

Rod has been instrumental in the industry for years. He has spoken at Roofing Contractor’s Best of Success, NRCA’s IRE, and at WSRCA’s Expo on topics including branding, marketing, sales, and finance. Rod lives in Southern California with his wife and two sons.

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Steve Wein

Steve has been involved in design and user experience since 2005. In that capacity, he has worked with a variety of companies in the home improvement industry.

In early 2012, seeking to use his skills and ideas to radically improve a given industry, Steve began speaking with roofers and that eventually introduced him to Rod. The two teamed up and created Roof Chief. Steve lives in Southern California with his wife and two sons.

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Make a difference
in your business.

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Roof Chief
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Roof Chief
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